Testing with a Smile

Online software for complete and user-friendly testmanagement

Intuitive and easy testing for both beginners and experts

TestMonitor has an interface specially designed for fast and efficient testing. It supports both small and large software implementations and gets your testers started within minutes.

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Manage your bugs with integrated issue tracking

Use TestMonitor’s integrated issue tracking to manage your bugs. Easily get insights into issue status, impact and priority.

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Real-time monitoring of your testing activity and progress

A complete real-time dashboard which allows you to check progress, status and testing activities. You immediately know what’s going on in your project.

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Professional functional, user- and acceptance testing!

Fully equipped with issue tracking, requirement based testing, risk based testing, process based testing, extensive authorization possibilities and a full audit trail.
Risk-based testing

Know exactly when and where risks occur, so that proper action can be taken in time.

Full audit-trails

Stay right on top of what is happening during your testing process.

Ready for Agile

TestMonitor test runs fit in perfectly with the Agile methodology.

Extensive authorization

Testers, test managers, developers and more. You decide who gets access to which data.

TestMonitor is used by 100+ teams both large and small

Test Cases
Test Results

TestMonitor is like a Guidebook: all issues can be guarded and managed centrally!

PortaalLarge housing association in The Netherlands with over 60 000 houses

Getting an overview this fast and with such ease is amazing

The Hague UniversityUniversity with over 25 000 students

All results and issues are captured clearly which makes you able to continuously monitor the progress. It’s immediately clear which processes need attention and where the bottlenecks are.

DunavieHousing association with over 8000 houses
September 26, 2016

Will Scrum bring an end to manual testing?

Scrum doesn’t mention anything about test execution. In Agile’s manifesto they state that software that…
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July 6, 2016

5 reasons why testing using Word and Excel really can’t be done anymore

Word and Excel are fantastic tools, but we think that testing with Excel and Word…
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June 3, 2016

Why is the problem of software quality such a big one?

80% of the IT projects cost more than that they earn. (computerworld.com) 73% of the…
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