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Reveal test case issues when running tests

Ever found out – while running a test – that you ran into the same issues discovered earlier? Or you might have wondered what issues need special attention during a retest? TestMonitor now offers information about related issues when running

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Still relevant: User Acceptance Testing

Despite the popularity of Agile, UAT is as essential as ever Is User Acceptance Testing (UAT) still necessary? According to René Ceelen and Derk-Jan de Grood, the answer to that question is: yes, without a doubt. UAT offers information and

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Revised import and export module

The new TestMonitor shipped with the same module as the previous generation, so we decided to do a complete revision with lots of new features and capabilities: Importing and exporting requirements, risks, test cases, and issues. New: exporting test results!

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Duplicating milestones

Planning test runs for a comprehensive test requires a lot of effort. And once those first runs have been completed and you have achieved a milestone… you can probably start all over again and draw up a new schedule for

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