Pass, caution, fail, block: now customizable!

Thijs Kok, 
4 July 2019

We are very proud of our colored smiley icons that symbolize passed and failed results. We offer four categories which has suited us well in the past. However, sometimes, we get asked for more – or even less 😀

You can now customize the set of categories and the validation rules for each of your projects. For example:

  • You want a result to either pass or fail. You can now hide the yellow caution and the black blocking category.
  • You do not need an attachment when a test case fails. You can disable the “require attachment” rule.
  • You need “proof” of a passed test case. You enable the “require description” and “require attachment” rules.

Once a category gets disabled, the existing test results will not be affected. Configure your category visibility and validation rules in the testing section of your project settings (tip: click on the project switcher and select project settings for a shortcut!).

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