TestMonitor 5.0.23

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What’s new

  • A brand new setup guide has been added to assist you in setting up TestMonitor.
  • Tagging support for issues is now available. Use tags to categorize issues as you see fit, use them as a filter to improve your issue analyses.
  • Markdown can be used to add formatting in test steps. Enhance your test instructions by marking text as bold, adding a hyperlink or embedding an image. Head over to the Commonmark cheat sheet¬†for more information.
  • A new test case status has been added to mark deprecated test cases. The status will be added to new projects.
  • Test steps become locked when one or more test results are related. This prevents tampering with the test run’s outcome.


  • When opening an issue, the related business processes wouldn’t show up. We’ve added them to the relations tab.
  • The resolution field in the issue management overview remained empty. The correct resolution is now shown.
  • Both affected- and fixed release did not show up in the issue export. They are now included in the export
  • We fixed various API issues. In some cases, the personal API token was not shown. In rare cases, the issues endpoint would cause a 500 error, which has been fixed.
  • Grouping on issue impact, priority, and status¬†didn’t work properly. We’ve changed the sorting algorithm to fix this.
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