TestMonitor 5.0.26

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What’s new

  • You can now upload and assign attachments (like a PDF or Word document) to a test case. Attachments are shown while running a test, allowing you to supply testers with reference documents that enrich your test instructions.
  • Test cases now support both “test data” and “pre-conditions”. Test data is commonly used to specify any input required while running the test case (like login information or a sample record). Pre-conditions can be used to verify a set of conditions that must be in place before testing.
  • Several extra test case fields can now both be imported and exported. We’ve added the test case status, expected result, and expected time. And while we’re at it, test data and pre-conditions are there as well!
  • Before starting a test run, its description is shown allowing you to enter specific instructions required for running the test.
  • We’ve added a test case status filter in the test case overview.
  • There is multi-row support for test steps now, allowing you to specify richer test instructions.
  • The expected result is now shown in multiple rows as well.
  • Users assigned to a test run will optionally receive a reminder by e-mail when their run becomes available for testing.
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