TestMonitor 5.0.27

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What’s new

  • You can now group issues by the user’s organization.
  • We’ve added a test case type filter in the test case overview.



  • We’ve added some extra protection to avoid test cases with result data from being deleted.
  • A test run cannot be removed anymore once they have been executed.
  • You can now clear the issue assignee.
  • We’ve hidden several buttons and links to pages that require specific permissions, prevent some unneeded “access denied” error messages.
  • Users are redirected to the dashboard when switching to another project. This prevents authorization issues for users with project specific roles.
  • A search action now always redirects to the first page of the overview.
  • Only project members can be assigned to an issue within that same project.
  • A test result marked as read could not be viewed, we’ve fixed that.
  • In some cases, a deleted test case could still be edited. We’ve disabled that: you’ll have to restore the test case first.
  • Issue comments now come with a detailed timestamp in a tooltip.
  • You cannot add or remove attachments to a test result in the test result management overview. Only during test run execution, attachments can be added or removed.
  • Some Dutch translations we’re missing, we’ve fixed that.
  • And some minor bug fixes.
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