What’s going on with Multi Tenant

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Multiwhat? Big chance that you as a software user aren’t thinking about it, or want to be thinking about it. After all, the application you are working with. Should just work, multi-tenancy or not. So what is it exactly that Multi Tenant?

Software test management


In the everyday world we speak about tenants as people who rents an apartment. So in that case we could say that a tenant is someone (or something) that is using a ‘piece of the cake’ (or a building, in our example).

Separated databases

Within the developers world ‘multi tenant’ can be used to identify an application that can switch between different databases. What you want to achieve with this, that within the same instance of the software, there are still separate environments available to clients. The alternative often used is to save all settings in a single database, or set up multiple instances the latter case, the management of all departments can be quite costly. After all, with 150 clients one should retrace all 150 instances in an upgrade.

TestMonitor 5

The latest development in user testing, our TestMonitor, has arrived in version 5. We have incorporated all lessons that we learned from our previous versions. An example of one of those lessons was that the database can become large and complex when multiple clients are working on it.

The solution? Each client gets his own database. Once we receive a registration, in the background it quickly generates a process to create a new database. This is then immediately available for the new customer. Including his own URL where the client can directly manage his test project.

The future is now

TestMonitor 5 bring the latest in testing to you and your organization. With a flexible database on the background which our administrators can easily perform their tasks on without disturbing anyone. At the front end each organization has its own custom URL including a big performance boost. After all, by utilizing our multi-tenant solution, the data has become much smaller and several different organizations can take their databases and show them no mercy.

Even though I can write more about what’s going on with our multi-tenant, it’s much better to experience it for yourself. Because tomorrow starts today!

René Ceelen

Author René Ceelen

CEO of TestMonitor and Associate researcher at the RadBoud University of Nijmegen with a research focus on User Acceptance Testing.

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