TestRail vs TestMonitor comparison​

There are many test management tools with various features. It is not easy to choose a test tool that fits your organization’s needs. To help you make your decisions, you can use the following comparison of two leading Test management solutions: TestRail and TestMonitor.

Choosing Between Leading Test Management Solutions

TestRail and TestMonitor are Test management tools often chosen by organizations to improve their test management process. They both offer a ton of features which help you organize your testing process. But what solution fits your organization’s needs? Just check the comparison we’ve made and make your decision.

Requirement management 
Easy intuitive User Interface 
Test Run interface designed for focus 
Test case management With full traceability of risks and requirements
Batch editing
Discussion forum 
Training for users and administrators available
End-to-End Coverage & Methodology 
Cloud or on-premiseCloudBoth
Supports Agile and Waterfall methodologies
Traceability between requirements, tests cases and issues 
Responsive interface suitable for Desktop and mobile 
Integrated Issue Tracking Only via external tool

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Test Case Management

TestRail is an extensive test management tool which helps you manage your test cases, test plans and test runs. You can manage, organize and track all your testing efforts in a central place and it offers a detailed user interface which makes it possible to design comprehensive test cases.

TestMonitor is designed to make test management as easy as possible. TestMonitor has a test case editor that is built to get your tests up and running within minutes. Easy to use does not mean you can’t make an extensive design. You can manage all test case details in a structured way, including preconditions, instructions, test data, duration and expected result. Because of this TestMonitor is suitable for all types of teams: large or small, and with end users or professional testers.

Issue Tracking

TestRail offers a Jira plugin for tracking issues. You can link test results to issues, create bug reports from TestRail, and you can look up bugs and jump to issues in Jira.

TestMonitor includes a simple yet powerful integrated issue tracker with filters, prioritization, a full history trail, attachment handling, commenting, and task and time management.


TestRail en TestMonitor are both good tools for test management and offer a variety of useful features for managing your test cases, test plans and test runs. If you are looking for a tool that fully integrates with Jira, TestRail is a good option. If you are looking for a complete test management tool that covers the whole testing process from requirements to issues, TestMonitor is a good solution

Pro’s TestRail

  • Both cloud and on-premise solutions
  • Discussion forum
    An extensive Jira integration for issue tracking

Pro’s TestMonitor

  • Integrated requirements
  • management
  • Integrated issue tracking
  • Test run interface designed to keep testers focused
  • End-to-End Coverage & Methodology
  • Test case management with full traceability of risks, requirements and issues
  • Responsive interface suitable for Desktop and mobile
    Already starting at $19/user/month
*Disclaimer: Comparison research conducted by TestMonitor marketing department. Any updates can be sent to hello@testmonitor.com

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