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Released on April 9th 2019

  • fixed

    It is not possible to select a date on Internet Explorer

  • fixed

    Issue update date should not be changed when adding tasks

  • fixed

    Reverted „ability to deselect a result category when running tests“



Released on April 5th 2019

  • improved

    Ability to deselect a result category when running tests

  • improved

    Charts show absolute values with percentage as tooltip

  • improved

    Replaced requirement / risk / application counter for explicit labels

  • improved

    Assignee organization column in issue export

  • fixed

    Avatars for trashed users fail to load



Released on March 29th 2019

  • new

    Issue status filter in track test results overview

  • new

    Project archiving

  • improved

    Issue status indicators when tracking results

  • fixed

    Cannot add attachments when edit issue permission is granted (revised)

  • fixed

    Assignee is in some cases blank in issue sidebar

  • fixed

    When linking test results to issues, all issue categories are shown in stead of the project-based one’s



Released on March 25th 2019

  • new

    Show related issues for test case while running tests

  • new

    User notification preferences

  • fixed

    Test results are not visible to members with the auditor role

  • fixed

    Test result detail page not available for users with role test manager

  • fixed

    Issues cannot be exported when view issue permission is granted

  • fixed

    Cannot add attachments when edit issue permission is granted



Released on March 15th 2019

  • improved

    Improved activities timeline styling

  • fixed

    Trashed items should not be clickable

  • fixed

    Add button should be hidden when user doesn’t have create permission

  • fixed

    Fixed several Dutch / German translations (6.1.1)

  • fixed

    Test run overview causes a blank screen in MSIE 11

  • fixed

    Test results belonging to trashed test suites cause exporter to fail

  • fixed

    Instructions are sometimes not merged with existing test case



Released on March 12th 2019

  • new

    Tags on test runs

  • new

    Tags on test cases

  • new

    Added Beamer

  • improved

    Improved import / export handling

  • improved

    Comment posting is allowed when restricted to read issues permission

  • improved

    Sidebar styling improvements

  • fixed

    Support button doesn’t work in IE11

  • fixed

    Attachment field sometimes does not register clicks to upload

  • fixed

    Test run filter texts are not translated

  • fixed

    When linking test results to issues, the issue assignee is not searchable

  • fixed

    Creating an issue with a task and without an assignee causes a server error

  • fixed

    Notifications should only be shown on personal user profile

  • fixed

    Pencil icon does not react to mouse click when trying to edit instructions

  • fixed

    Some customizations cannot be assigned when configuring project



Released on February 21st 2019

  • new

    Outcome date range filter

  • improved

    „With test runs“ filter in „Track test cases“ includes a „without test runs“ option

  • improved

    Allow GIF files as attachment

  • improved

    Outcome updated column for tracking test runs

  • fixed

    Unable to delete roles

  • fixed

    Invalid confirmation text when removing an application

  • fixed

    Issue without a priority are not displayed correctly

  • fixed

    Fixed test result grouping when tracking test results



Released on February 15th 2019

  • new

    User notifications on user’s profile page

  • improved

    Grey out selected items when assigning users or test cases to a test run

  • improved

    Test results are sorted descending in sidebar when tracking test results

  • fixed

    Only test results for the selected milestone should be shown when tracking test results

  • fixed

    Category filter should be outcome filter when tracking test results

  • fixed

    Issue assignee is not shown when user is deleted

  • fixed

    Issue categories list is cut off when using many categories

  • fixed

    Not every tag is shown once created or when using a filter

  • fixed

    Issue priority should be optional



Released on February 12th 2019

  • new

    Azure DevOps integration

  • new

    My memberships overview on profile page

  • fixed

    Notification e-mails sometimes use invalid base URL

  • fixed

    Issue assignee should be optional



Released on February 7th 2019

  • improved

    Performance improvements when tracking test results

  • fixed

    Cannot select dropdown items for remotely loaded results



Released on February 4th 2019

  • new

    oAuth authentication support

  • new

    Milestone duplication

  • improved

    Dropdown filters improved searching

  • improved

    Tag field placeholders

  • improved

    User profile page layout

  • fixed

    Error message appears when adding application version

  • fixed

    Test cases should be removed / restored when removing / restoring a test suite

  • fixed

    Test result inconsistency between track results / report test cases

  • fixed

    Non-admins cannot use the assignee filter in the issue overview

  • fixed

    Pasting text in test case instructions field overwrites existing data

  • fixed

    Test runs should expire before the milestone end date

  • fixed

    Slack would not report new issues

  • fixed

    Test case drawer should not cover page when running tests

  • fixed

    User / test case assignment in test runs sidebar does not update

  • fixed

    Charting component causes MSIE 11 to crash


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