Issue Tracking

TestMonitor includes a simple yet powerful integrated issue tracker with filters, prioritization, a full audit trail, attachment handling, commenting, and  task management.

Simple yet powerful integrated issue tracking

Powerful issue management with filters, prioritization, a full history trail, attachment handling and commenting.

Test Management tool - feature-resolve
Test Management tool - issue and tasks

Task management

Resolve issues by breaking them down into manageable tasks for different users.
Get notified when tasks are completed or assigned to you.


Add attachments to issues

See attachments of the test result related to this issue or upload attachments that were still missing by drag and dropping them onto the issue.



Keep all communication about an issue at the right place with comments. Get notified when someone comments on your issue. 

Edit multiple issues at once

Managing large amounts of issues in TestMonitor becomes real easy. Just select multiple issues and update their status, impact, assignee or category.

Test Management tool - Issue Tracking

Notifications: stay on top of all activity

Get notified when issues and tasks are assigned to you. Receive a notification once your reported issue has been updated or solved.

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