Tracking Test Results

Get an overview of results for every test run or get more into detail with results for each test case. Monitor results over time: see how they improve, remain stable or decline.

Monitor the outcome and progress of test cases

In TestMonitor test results can be used to track the progress and outcome of test cases.
View the latest outcome per test case and use filters to view your results per milestone, requirement or any other metric available in TestMonitor.

Analyse the progress of test runs

Tracking results per test run gives you insight into your testing progress. In addition you can see all users assigned to a test run.

Monitor test case results over time

When tracking results per test case it is possible to monitor results per test case over time. This allows you to see how your test results improve, remain stable or decline.

View detailed test results

When selecting a test case or test run you will be able to see all details about the specific test case or test run. All the associated test results reported by your testers, including attachments are, displayed on the detail screen.

Convert failed test results into issues

Blocking test results can be converted to issues or linked to existing issues. Once the issues are fixed, easily plan a retest to verify if the issues are actually resolved.

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