How TestMonitor delivers for QA Managers

Being a Quality Assurance Manager requires the right mix of project management, technical aptitude, and attention to detail; all important skills to help your organization deliver products that are built as designed, everytime.

TestMonitor is built for professionals like you, capable of facilitating each step of your quality management process and helping your team produce reliable and sound products. Right out of the box, TestMonitor delivers templates that accelerate the testing process, built-in alerts and notifications, and a flexible platform that makes it easy to work when and where you need to.

Built for Quality Assurance testing

With TestMonitor, you easily create new test runs, quickly tie requirements to test cases, and simply add new testers to your projects with an intuitive interface. Once underway, you can monitor your testing approach from end to end, from monitoring feedback as it comes in to resolving issues and reporting to stakeholders. 

Also, as TestMonitor provides a lot of the structure and accelerators that you need, you can focus more on your role and less on the administrative tasks on your plate. With just a few clicks, you can obtain a clear overview of all outstanding tasks, any open issues, and how testing and retesting is progressing. 

All the while, TestMonitor is generating a detailed audit trail behind each user action so issues can be troubleshooted and lessons learned can be captured.

The Advantages of TestMonitor

An all-in-one tool for every IT project

From setting up and tracking your budget, recording requirements, adding users, and monitoring the quality of your software testing, TestMonitor is ready to help you deliver from day one. You can even manage a portfolio of testing projects no matter their scope or scale, building off of existing projects templates and drilling down to resolve issues when they arise.

Centralized issue management

Improve your efficiency and precision in both setting up your software tests and tracking issues along the way. Our centralized issue management gives you an overview of the latest state of testing at any time and make generating and sharing reports as easy as a few clicks.

Increase user involvement

Because of our built-in and intuitive user registration, you can easily add and involve your end user testers into your projects so they spend more time focusing on testing than onboarding.

Throughout the testing process, testers can also simply attach screenshots, provide feedback, and summarize their results with a smiley-based rating system.

Benefits of using Test Monitor

  • Create a custom project or start with one of our collection of example projects
  • Utilize our data-rich dashboard to plan, manage, and communicate the status of your testing projects
  • Tap into a wealth of resources, video tutorials, and an extensive knowledge base to speed up your onboarding


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Getting the Most Out of Your TestMonitor Trial

“I wasn’t as impressed with other test management tools. They didn’t appear to be quick to learn or easy to use. TestMonitor has a very simple interface and looked very easy to use.“

Alex Bahari

Director of Content Management

Portaal chooses TestMonitor to test their entire IT infrastructure—including the ERP system, web portal, maintenance and inspection applications, and all related integrations.

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Cornerstone Credit Union, a financial institution, utilized TestMonitor to save time and increase operational efficiency when testing their new online banking platform.

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When the elearning development team at NantWorks grew tired of using cumbersome Excel spreadsheets to manage their software testing, TestMonitor provided a boost.

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