We all learn with TestMonitor.

Involve the testers you need
Enhance collaboration and ensure efficient test planning and execution
Generate clear and detailed audit trails for stress free compliance
Generate and share reports in real-time with stakeholders
Used by the best Education Professionals

Navigate regulatory mazes with ease.

TestMonitor’s reports & metrics feature provides in-depth insights into test progress, defect trends, and other essential metrics such as requirement coverage. These insights not only facilitate informed decision making but fortify education organizations’ readiness for audits. 


Bulletproof data privacy and security.

TestMonitor’s employs robust security measures, detailed audit logs and role-based access controls offers an added layer of protection while helping you ensure your software is air tight. TestMonitor adheres to stringent data privacy and protection regulations, holding ISO 27001:2022 certification and full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protocol.

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“If you are looking for a product to properly organize your testing for a wide variety of users, that you want to involve in the project and have them test your product in an approachable way, I definitely recommend TestMonitor for overview and ease of use.“
- Richard Vrieling, Testing Coordinator


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Eliminate high-stakes errors.

A single software bug can have huge consequences. With TestMonitor's real-time bug reporting, catch and resolve issues before they escalate, and native integrations your team needs to focus more on conducting thorough testing and less on the administrative heavy lifting.


Anyone can be a tester.

With our intuitive and easy to use interface, makes testing accessible to anyone across the business even with no testing experience.


“Simple, Easy to learn and very powerful testtool including issue management”

The intuitive interface for endusers. They can really start testing within minutes. Managing mass of test results is very clear and easy to convert to issues. Issuemanagement is complete and you're on top of all issues in your project or sprint.

Marcel Fischer

Test Manager

“A well thought over testing tool. ”

The logic structure gives the neccesary overview and issues and overall reports shows you every detail. - Easy to use - Controlled testing - Reporting - Analysing

Arthur Breukelaar

Project Leader

"Best Testing Software I have Ever Used"

If you need to create structured tests in a simple and intuitive way then TestMonitor is the right tool! With TestMonitor you create and plan your tests, monitoring developments, comments, error messages and getting all the information about the quality of the software you are developing.

Sanyam G.

Project Manager

Streamline collaboration with stakeholders.

Keeping stakeholders informed can be a chore. TestMonitor’s user-friendly dashboards and reports facilitate easy and transparent communication across all levels of the business, with just one click.

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Keep up with rapid changes.

With changing regulations and emerging technologies, managing testing projects shouldn’t be a bottleneck. 
With TestMonitor’s you can set up and execute testing cycles in record time, ensuring you keep pace with rapid software updates.


Manage multiple testing projects at once.

Your team can manage multiple testing projects at once, no matter their scope or scale, always with the structure, rigor, and collaboration needed to minimize bugs and resolve defects faster.

Easily sync testing with your workflow.

TestMonitor makes it easy to integrate your testing with Jira, DoneDone, Asana, MantisBT, Azure DevOps, TOPdesk, and thousands more through Zapier. This empowers your team to effortlessly track issues or tasks within TestMonitor, ensuring automatic updates in Jira or Azure DevOps, complete with essential attachments and other important item details.


Simplicity and specificity.

From quick user registration and onboarding to intuitive tester engagement, TestMonitor makes each element of testing more accessible and productive. Testers can access TestMonitor from any device using a QR code or personal log-in and attach screenshots, share feedback, and tag other users to accelerate follow-up.


TestMonitor takes your quality assurance to the next level.

With TestMonitor, test managers can easily:

Create new test cases and sequence test runs.

Record, link, and track requirements from beginning to sign-off.

Add and manage testers to projects with an intuitive interface.

Monitor testing progress and results.

Create and communicate status updates to stakeholders.

Maximize your testing. Minimize your stress.

No matter the size, scale, or scope of your game testing, from release management to large-scale development, TestMonitor is ready to deliver.
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