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Released on February 21st 2019

NEW Outcome date range filter [TM6-90]
IMPROVED "With test runs" filter in "Track test cases" includes a "without test runs" option [TM6-40]
IMPROVED Allow GIF files as attachment [TM6-100]
IMPROVED Outcome updated column for tracking test runs [TM6-125]
FIXED Unable to delete roles [TM6-119]
FIXED Invalid confirmation text when removing an application [TM6-121]
FIXED Issue without a priority are not displayed correctly [TM6-124]
FIXED Fixed test result grouping when tracking test results [TM6-126]


Released on February 15th 2019

NEW User notifications on user's profile page [TM6-27]
IMPROVED Grey out selected items when assigning users or test cases to a test run [TM6-70]
IMPROVED Test results are sorted descending in sidebar when tracking test results [TM6-110]
FIXED Only test results for the selected milestone should be shown when tracking test results [TM6-85]
FIXED Category filter should be outcome filter when tracking test results [TM6-88]
FIXED Issue assignee is not shown when user is deleted [TM6-104]
FIXED Issue categories list is cut off when using many categories [TM6-112]
FIXED Not every tag is shown once created or when using a filter [TM6-113]
FIXED Issue priority should be optional [TM6-115]


Released on February 12th 2019

NEW Azure DevOps integration [TM6-7]
NEW My memberships overview on profile page [TM6-52]
FIXED Notification e-mails sometimes use invalid base URL [TM6-66]
FIXED Issue assignee should be optional [TM6-92]


Released on February 7th 2019

IMPROVED Performance improvements when tracking test results [TM6-73]
FIXED Cannot select dropdown items for remotely loaded results [TM6-75]


Released on February 4th 2019

NEW Milestone duplication [TM6-5]
IMPROVED Dropdown filters improved searching [TM6-12]
IMPROVED Tag field placeholders [TM6-32]
IMPROVED User profile page layout [TM6-63]
FIXED Error message appears when adding application version [TM6-1]
FIXED Test cases should be removed / restored when removing / restoring a test suite [TM6-2]
FIXED Test result inconsistency between track results / report test cases [TM6-3]
FIXED Non-admins cannot use the assignee filter in the issue overview [TM6-11]
FIXED Pasting text in test case instructions field overwrites existing data [TM6-13]
FIXED Test runs should expire before the milestone end date [TM6-15]
FIXED Slack would not report new issues [TM6-16]
FIXED Test case drawer should not cover page when running tests [TM6-39]
FIXED User / test case assignment in test runs sidebar does not update [TM6-64]
FIXED Charting component causes MSIE 11 to crash [TM6-69]

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