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ORS - ERP NAV implementation

ORS implemented a completely new ERP system based on Microsoft NAV. Managing on time and money is easy. Managing on quality was more difficult. ORS chose TestMonitor for functional and user acceptance tests. All issues were analyzed and monitored in TestMonitor. Not only the issues of the software suppliers, but also, and specifically, those of the organization itself. After all, an ERP implementation affects the entire organization.

  • Functional test and user test
  • Involvement of end-users
  • Integrated issue management
  • 50+ users


Unit4 - User Acceptance Test

Unit4 Zorg chooses TestMonitor to organize their user tests. With TestMonitor, functional tests and pre-acceptance tests can easily be carried out by pilot customers from their own workplace. The results are assessed and resolved centrally. As a result, the actual release has a higher quality, because clients were already involved at an early stage.

  • EPD
  • User acceptance test
  • Involvement clients
  • Insights quality
  • 25+ users


Bond University - E-learning

Bond University uses TestMonitor for acceptance of their various E-learning modules. The simple interface of TestMonitor allows students and teachers to easily evaluate the functioning and content of the modules. All results are collected in one environment, tested from different locations.

  • E-learning
  • Functional tests and user tests
  • Different locations
  • 5+ users


Zig - Web portal

TestMonitor puts users first. The set up for testing Zig's web portals is done quickly and easily. Users can run their tests and share the results simultaneously, from different locations. The comments and appendices added to the result, provide additional information which can be used later to help resolve the issue.

  • Web portal
  • Functional test, user test and UX test
  • Ease of including comments and screenshots
  • 10+ users


Portaal - ERP / IT infrastructure

Portaal chooses TestMonitor to test their entire IT infrastructure. From the ERP core system, to the web portal, to maintenance and inspection applications and all related integrations, ...  Everything is aimed at answering the two most important questions: Does it work? And can you work with it?

After determining the greatest risks per application, per release, TestMonitor can be used to quickly and easily schedule test scripts, by reusing former scripts. Reusing or duplicating entire milestones makes planning a whole lot easier.

  • ERP/ Web portal
  • Functional test, user test
  • 100+ users
frank te velde
“Easy to use test tool enhancing collaboration between end users and IT technicians.”

Frank te Velde
Information Manager Domijn