Feature Roadmap

Find out what we’re working on and what new features lie ahead.

Recently added to TestMonitor

Advanced Reporting

We are upgrading our reports. We are working on new reports, some examples are: tester workload, test coverage and more.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields, personalize information with colors and icons, and import data to boost the productivity of your software testing.

Simplified Test Planning

Major improvements to the test planning process in TestMonitor. Milestone and test run dates will be optional to simplify your test planning.


Connect TestMonitor to issue trackers, project management platforms, and notification systems effortlessly.

On the roadmap

Improved Integrations

Keep your issues in sync across all your integrations, bi-directionally. Send issues to an external issue tracker and TestMonitor will remain up-to-date by tracking remote changes.

Improved Test Design

We are preparing an overhaul of the test suite and test case design pages to improve efficiency and reusability when designing test cases.

Clickup Integration

Create tasks in ClickUp linked to TestMonitor issues.

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