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Here are just some of the reasons why you will love using our online test management application:

Quality Assured

Ensure quality by covering each requirement, safeguard vital processes by prioritizing high risk test scenario’s. Ideal for both traditional and agile projects.

End-users are Awesome Testers

With TestMonitor’s ease of use, anyone can become a tester. Make IT work through the voice of the end-user. Professionals are invited too!

Batteries Included

From requirements definition to issue tracking: we’ve got you covered. TestMonitor is battle-tested for even the most complex types of projects.

Trusted by 100s of Software Testing Teams

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Say goodbye to…

  • Complex spreadsheets

  • Misscommunication

  • Lack of visibility

  • Unhappy end-users

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TestMonitor 5.0.30

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Fixed We fixed a number of dutch translations for test case ordering. We removed the definition block from the test case edit form. This was causing many critical errors when...
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TestMonitor 5.0.29

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Fixed Test case ordering could fail when moving a case among test suites. This resulted in test cases and test steps not being shown in the correct order when running...
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