TestMonitor for Test Managers

Manage all your IT projects successfully with a structured testing approach that is woven into a solution purpose-built for professionals like you. 

TestMonitor gives you the tools, templates, and features that allow you to maintain better control over your budgets, identify and mitigate risks, and enable your team to deliver higher quality testing, all while utilizing our dashboards to keep stakeholders informed.

Intuitive and agile

With TestMonitor you can define and deploy a testing approach from end-to-end, accelerated and enhanced with features at each stage of the process.

With TestMonitor you can define and deploy a testing approach from end-to-end, accelerated and enhanced with features at each stage of the process.

We make it easy to:

  • Translate design requirements into test cases
  • Identify, capture, and track risks and issues
  • Design unique test cases or leverage testing templates
  • Plan and track test runs
  • Monitor milestones and sequence testing tasks
  • Capture feedback and track resolution
  • Report results and communicate with stakeholders

No matter your industry, the size of your IT project, or the scope of your testing effort, TestMonitor is adaptable to fit your needs.

How TestMonitor delivers for you

Professional test management

Testing your software is a vital part of ensuring your products meet customer expectations. Use TestMonitor to make even the most complex testing effort more intuitive and structured using templates, built-in reporting, and seamless linkages from requirement to acceptance. Our collaboration tools enhance visibility into each step, allowing you to catch bottlenecks early and generate better results on the back end.

End-to-end traceability

Define and assign the test cases, utilize methods to enable ongoing communication with the testers, and simplify the process to capture and document feedback, all using native TestMonitor features.

TestMonitor also helps to facilitate the capture of feedback with an intuitive smiley-based scoring system that can be used to summarize the testing experience.

Enhanced visibility and reporting

With TestMonitor, test case tracking, issue resolution and reporting process can easily be customized and configured to meet your needs. For example, issues that are linked to test cases and, ultimately, the requirements, can be assigned to users to track until they are resolved.

Reporting is just as easy; stakeholders can log in to the TestMonitor dashboard for a comprehensive look at testing progress, real-time results, or easily drill down for more information.

Benefits of using Test Monitor

  • Intuitive user registration 
  • Complete end-to-end test case analysis, including defect resolution
  • Native application integrations and REST API accessibility
  • Built-in templates for quick-start testing
  • Customizable alerts and project roles 
  • Manage all of your tests in one place
  • Test on any device


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“TestMonitor is a simple, easy-to-use, and very powerful test tool.”

Marcel Fischer

Test Manager

Portaal chooses TestMonitor to test their entire IT infrastructure—including the ERP system, web portal, maintenance and inspection applications, and all related integrations.

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Cornerstone Credit Union, a financial institution, utilized TestMonitor to save time and increase efficiency when testing their new online banking platform.

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When the elearning development team at NantWorks grew tired of using cumbersome Excel spreadsheets to manage their software testing, TestMonitor provided a boost.

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