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What our customers say about us

"Great web based app for testing new en existing software!"

We've used TestMonitor within a wide range of use. Implemented enterprise software, co-produced new apps and testing new releases of existing software. For me as administrator I can choose a wide range of options how to set up my tests. And for my testers TestMonitor is super user-friendly. Without testing experience they become user acceptance testers within the hour!

“TestMonitor is a simple, intuitive and complete testtool for UAT and Agile development”

"TestMonitor: an intuitive approach to testing!"

TestMonitor is an easy and intuitive web application for UAT and Agile Development. TestMonitor allows you to create and execute test runs. The tester offers a personalized overview of the tests performed. TestMonitor is excellent both for a few cases and for a large number of test cases, always maintaining excellent performance.

TestMonitor allows you to integrate your account with other great Web Applications for UAT and Agile Development such as Jira (Atlassian), Asana, Slack, DevOps (Microsoft Azure) and TopDesk.

“Simple, Easy to learn and very powerful testtool including issue management”

The intuitive interface for endusers. They can really start testing within minutes. Managing mass of test results is very clear and easy to convert to issues. Issuemanagement is complete and you're on top of all issues in your project or sprint.

"Best Testing Software I have Ever Used"

If you need to create structured tests in a simple and intuitive way then TestMonitor is the right tool! With TestMonitor you create and plan your tests, monitoring developments, comments, error messages and getting all the information about the quality of the software you are developing.

“A handy tool for monitoring test activities”

Testmonitor has a friendly user interface. Very few instructions are needed for the people who use Testmonitor for the first time.

"Easy to use, so easy to user-test"

The intuitive interface, TestMonitor is easy to use. I was surprised by he vast amount of testscripts and help in the knowledge base.

"Innovating for the app-testing"

Easy handling for app-testing. This software is available as a free trail so you can see the functions in an demo version. App testing is getting very easy - the menu bar in the pc-version and also on the app is great.

“A well thought over testing tool. ”

The logic structure gives the neccesary overview and issues and overall reports shows you every detail. - Easy to use - Controlled testing - Reporting - Analysing

“Simple, easy to setup and learn and a great support”

The interface is very clear and simple ... It can be adapted easily to our needs from the simple testing project of one application to a more complex one.

“Huge improvement for our testing process”

Every tester involved now knows what is expected of him and when. As a coordinator I can now oversee the entire process.

“TestMonitor - Today's, Tomorrow's and Future testing tool!”

... Works very good as tool for testing in projects and to keep track on the status of the testings.

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