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Webinars on next level testing

How to plan a test?

In this webinar, we share our best practices and tips on test management. View the webinar recordings in English and download the checklist for 'next level testing'.

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How to design test cases?

In this webinar we share our best practices and tips on test management, to take your testing to the next level: involving users in testing, keep real-time insights, process test outcomes and monitor progress. View the webinar recordings (in English) and download the 12 tips on designing test cases.

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Hoe ontwerp je testgevallen?

In dit webinar delen we onze ervaringen en tips over test management: hoe je gebruikers betrekt in testen, hoe je inzicht en overzicht krijgt en hoe je omgaat met testresultaten. Ook delen we 12 tips over het ontwerpen van testgevallen. Gratis download!

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