Test Automation

Integrate with your favorite test automation tools.

Make TestMonitor your testing HQ. Combine automated and manual tests to monitor and report on all test efforts.


Combine the best of both worlds.

Manual or automated, TestMonitor helps your team manage both software testing approaches all in one place. Import results from automated testing tools to make failed test results actionable or create unified reports for all your testing efforts to boost testing visibility.


Integrate without the headache using our API.

Quickly integrate with a range of test automation tools using TestMonitor’s REST API, or use our platform to create custom fields to capture test cases and test run dates to prepare for upcoming automated tests.

Learn more about our API documentation

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Using Selenium? We’ve got you covered.

Tap into the power of one of the best automated testing tools on the market with our quick integration process. With just a few lines of code and plenty of background resources, your team can elevate your automated test management.

Learn more about integrating with Selenium in our webinar

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Love open source libraries? We do too.

TestMonitor believes in the success of open-source. Our Github repositories are full of resources, demo code, and more, all available to developers at no cost. We take pride in adding new features and tools and welcome our clients to contribute.

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