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Premium acceptance tests that are revolutionarily simple

Structured approach to testing

A streamlined process that thinks of everything from defining, designing, planning, and executing to tracking test results, resolving issues, and reporting.

All-in-one tool for the professional management of every test process

Organise every test process, regardless of complexity. Stay on top of the schedule, follow developments, and gain insight into the real quality of your software.

Intuitive test registration for users

Having users test your software requires a different approach. TestMonitor offers an intuitive test registration tool that allows your users to record their findings within minutes.

Benno Vendrig

Having users test your software requires a different approach. TestMonitor offers an intuitive test registration tool that allows your users to record their findings within minutes.

Benno Vendrig

Partner at Condor Solutions

The keys to successful IT projects


User engagement
support from the management/board
Clear objectives


50% of testing is ‘does it work?’ and the other
50% is ‘can you actually use it?’

Marcel Fischer

TestMonitor plays an important role in our testing process. For example, thanks to TestMonitor we can remove errors from software and systems at an early stage. This will ultimately improve the quality and acceptance of an application/update within the organisation!

Marcel Fischer
Test Manager at Portaal

Outsmart assumptions!


‘The supplier tests the financial aspects. I don’t have to bother with that.’ But, at the same time: who knows more about your organisation’s financial processes and what is needed for those; you or the supplier?

‘We test all the individual components. That’s enough for us.’
But do you test the links between the individual components? Do they overlap and connect as you would expect them to?

‘The software supplier has solved the issues. I don’t have to look into that any more.’  Does the software supplier have the same overview of the issues as you do? And can your colleagues still use the software to do their work?

‘We only start acceptance tests once we have solved the eight open issues.’
Have you drawn up a timeframe for that? When can you promise users that the issues will be solved?

Our approach for test management

Insight into the quality of software is the key to success. Structure your testing approach and test software performance with your users to ensure greater quality.



What needs to be tested? What are the requirements and risks? Improve testing efficiency by defining these frameworks.


What will a test actually look like? During the design phase, you provide your users with instructions and outline the end result you expect to achieve.


What milestones, releases, and sprints will there be? Specify events and plan test executions in a clear timetable.


The testing environment is designed to make it easy for end users and testing professionals to execute tests.


Keep an eye on the progress of results. View results in detail and create clear, unique issues based on input from the tester.


Manage your issues: one central place for all communication, attachments, comments, prioritisation, filters, and history.


Thanks to the clear dashboard, you can see in real time what is happening and what you can adjust. View reports per issue, impact, status, and more.




240.000 Test Cases

Test Results



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The team behind premium software testing for everyone


Every member of the TestMonitor team is an ambitious, motivated professional with a passion for testing (including acceptance testing) in complex IT environments. We are motivated, analytical, and enthusiastic, and we draw on these characteristics to tackle major IT challenges. Our software started life as the ‘little brother’ of testing consultancy CEPO, but has since evolved to become one of the most user-friendly online testing tools on the market.

Security, guaranteed
For our software, security is par for the course. All communication between our customers and TestMonitor is encrypted with an RSA 2048-bit encryption (Thawte SSL). Each customer has their own domain name and database; our Support department only views the data at the customer’s request. We run an encrypted backup every four hours.

TestMonitor’s infrastructure is provided by TransIP Nederland, which is ISO 9001, 27001, 14001, NEN 7510, and PCI DDS certified.