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Monitoring Test Run Dependency by Adding Test Run Subscribers

by Thijs Kok, on Mar 4, 2024 4:55:20 AM

Efficient test management is crucial to keeping projects on-track, on-budget, and on-scope.

During a development effort, you don’t have to be a certified project manager to feel bound to the concept of predecessors and successors. It's a fundamental principle that ensures tasks are executed in the right order, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth workflow. When it comes to software testing, a similar concept is Test Run Subscribers.

TestMonitor introduces this feature to help ensure a well-organized and interconnected testing process, helping quality teams to maintain project timelines, manage dependencies, and enhance communication.

Why is monitoring test run dependency important?

  1. Effective Dependency Management: Test runs often depend on the outcomes of other runs. Managing these dependencies ensures a cohesive testing process aligned with project schedules.

  2. Confirmed Test Coverage: Subscribing users to test runs enhances overall test coverage, providing test managers with valuable insights into who completed specific tests and when.


  3. Enhanced Communication and Transparency: Subscribers receive real-time notifications upon completion of a test run helping to maintain communication and timeliness. This feature also eliminates the need for users to manually check what tasks they have to do next.

How to Assign Subscribers in TestMonitor

Assigning subscribers in TestMonitor can be done with just a few clicks during the creation of a new test run or while managing an existing one. 

  1. Creating a New Test Run: During the creation of a test run using the wizard, users can seamlessly add subscribers. 

  2. Managing Existing Test Runs: For ongoing projects, team members can open the specific test run and click on the subscriber dropdown to assign subscribers.

TestMonitor’s Test Run Subscribers provide an effective solution for managing dependencies, improving communication, and ensuring a smooth testing process. By incorporating this feature into your testing strategy, you can enhance overall project efficiency and deliver high-quality software on time and within budget.

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