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8 FAQs Test Managers Have About TestMonitor

by Thijs Kok, on June 15, 2020

Test managers face a growing cascade of obstacles and challenges in a sector that is constantly evolving. Industry insiders note that a vast amount of scheduled testing time ends up being spent on setup and configuration tasks. In fact, a large number of testing teams still use spreadsheets to manage setup!

In addition, test managers face three colossal challenges:

  • Test managers cope with constant expectations to provide scalable solutions within a market landscape that changes with every new tide of disruption. 
  • Upper management expects test managers to do more with less, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19 economic disruption
  • As this unprecedented economic disruption grows, test managers will be expected to make the most of every minute and must innovate nimble timetables for stress-filled clients.

A partnership with an industry leader like TestMonitor empowers your testing team with the most innovative, laser-focused solutions available. Of course, that’s easy to write in a single blog article—so, how does TestMonitor create this kind of success story for your team? Good question. Here are some answers:

How can TestMonitor help my team stay agile? 

TestMonitor deploys a testing approach incorporating every key step of the process—from defining, designing, planning, and executing to tracking test results, resolving issues, and reporting. We equip test managers to intentionally coach teams, while focusing on strategic goals within an Agile environment. As one client noted, our platform is an “easy-to-use test tool enhancing collaboration between end users and IT technicians.”

Try TestMonitor for Free: See for yourself how your team can structure test  management and bring software quality to the next level.

Does TestMonitor allow me to maintain a sense of control? 

TestMonitor employs a comprehensive communication platform integrated into an issue manager. Authorized persons may comment on issues as they come up or reply to a previous comment made. By leveraging that level of collaboration in test results, a test manager can post a comment on a test result, and the tester in question immediately receives a notification. This allows the manager to maintain control when it comes to status environments, and that, in turn, affects the efficacy of test results from a place of high-level communication.

How can TestMonitor help me to stay within budget?

With a crystal-clear interface, TestMonitor keeps test managers on budget and on time with a powerful dashboard paradigm that makes spotting budgetary red alerts easier. In addition, TestMonitor uses an active-user model when it comes to licensing. Our philosophy is simple: everyone should be able to test. However, with our active-user model, your company is not required to purchase a separate license for everyone. The number of users is based on active testers, and we customize every cost-structure plan for teams and businesses across every stage and every size.

Will TestMonitor help me manage end users better? 

End users approach software solutions from a variety of perspectives. A proper test-management program must involve end users throughout the project from the beginning.

TestMonitor boasts a three-prong approach to optimize end-user management. First, feature requests encourage testers to contribute ideas for product improvement and usability. Second, we urge testers to share their experience with a short survey at the end of testing. Finally, TestMonitor’s process assigns specific tasks for each tester to complete, providing a focused approach to product interaction. This method is especially vital in isolating specific bugs.

How can TestMonitor help avoid spreading our team too thin?

TestMonitor’s intuitive test-case editor affords your team a head-start to get tests up and running within minutes. The TestMonitor interface is designed to operate on any device, automatically adjusting the interface based on the device a tester is using. Test runs can be initiated at any time or place—no experience required. Test cases can be labeled with requirements, risks, or applications with extensive analysis options that evolve alongside your project. To save time and effort across all teams, test cases may also be duplicated with a single click.

How can TestMonitor optimize the project outcome? 

By leveraging a powerful, scalable interface, TestMonitor helps test managers keep their eyes on the big picture: project outcome. For example, TestMonitor offers an integrated bug tracker solution, allowing managers to solve problems immediately. In addition, you can benchmark your outcomes with external parties such as Zapier, Jira, Topdesk, DoneDone, Asana, DevOps, or Mantis.

Can TestMonitor empower me to update test-case details on the fly?

TestMonitor leverages project milestones to mark important events for your entire team. Your team can easily schedule sprints, releases, or iterations to organize test runs. Just as importantly, your team will be able to update test-case details on the fly—select a desired test case and start editing its details right away. TestMonitor is designed to make the testing process more efficient, rendering the process much faster and more structured than a clunky Excel environment.

How does TestMonitor check planning and progress?

The TestMonitor Solution provides dynamic insight into testing status and progress. Test managers can track the workload of an entire team with real-time status and progress reports for test runs, test cases, and issues. Integrated reports for requirements, risks, test runs, test results, and issues ensure your team “drives between the lines” along the way. In addition, test managers have the power to view traceability, progress, and coverage reports and to review issue reports per status, impact, category, priority, or organization.

The dedicated team at TestMonitor understands the stresses, challenges, and obstacles that test managers face every day, and our stellar record of satisfied clientele demonstrates our commitment to quality test management.

Check out our video, or download the product leaflet. When you’re ready to change your test-management world for the better, consider a free trial to experience the TestMonitor difference. 

Download test management tool checklist

Download test management tool checklist

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