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Introducing TestMonitor 6.6

by Thijs Kok, on July 24, 2020

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In this version of TestMonitor, we’ve added new features that will enhance user experience.  Explore what TestMonitor 6.6 has to offer below. If you’re not currently using TestMonitor for your software testing, start a 14-day free trial today to see what you’ve been missing! 

What's New?

Single Sign-on

Many of our enterprise customers have been waiting for this. Single Sign-on allows you to use your favorite identity provider to manage your team’s access and authentication securely. TestMonitor's SSO is based on OAuth 2.0 and integrates with Google Cloud Identity and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. We're planning to add other providers at a later time.

You can set up and configure SSO for your company in your application settings by selecting "Single Sign-on" from the menu. From there, follow the instructions and you're just a few clicks away from setting up SSO.

settings - SSO

This feature is available today for our premium and flexible plan customers.

Add Your Own Logo

You now have the ability to customize your branding in TestMonitor. Upload your company logo and it will be shown on the login page of TestMonitor.

Head over to the application settings and click on "Branding". Upload your logo and you're all set!

TM - add your logo

 This feature is available for our premium and flexible plans.

How to Access 

Ready to get started with TestMonitor? Try a 14-day free trial of TestMonitor here:

Eager to try out our new features? Login into TestMonitor and head over to the application settings. To get started with SSO, click on Single Sign-on in the left menu and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the configuration. To add a custom logo, click on Branding in the menu and upload your logo using the form. Your logo will be displayed on the login page.

Need more help? Check out the knowledge base or feel free to contact support at

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