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Introducing TestMonitor 6.7

by Thijs Kok, on February 13, 2021


Our team is very excited to present the latest version of TestMonitor, which includes a comprehensive upgrade to reporting! In addition to our latest upgrades and new features, our new reporting platform will provide great visibility and accessibility of your testing data.

Explore what TestMonitor 6.7 has to offer below. If you’re not currently using TestMonitor for your software testing, start a 14-day free trial today to see what you’ve been missing!

What's New?

Brand New Reports

We've transformed TestMonitor's reporting capabilities to empower you with a more robust view into test data. There are 13 new report options to choose from, including project summaries, test workload, coverage reports, traceability matrices and so much more. Averages and projections within certain reports help you forecast results and estimate general progress. These report features are designed to provide you with the most and the best pieces of the reporting puzzle. 

View the Take Your Reporting to the Next Level webinar for more detail.


Customize Your Reports

When data isn't displayed in the way you prefer, our new customization features give you more control. We've added customization options that enable you to show or hide charts, change chart types, and configure chart labels and legends. You can also resize and re-order charts to your liking. 

reports - customizing

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Share and Print Features

You can share any report by clicking on the share button and picking one or more project members. In turn, they’ll receive a notification with a link that will take them to the report, with your filter settings.

Want to print a report or export it to a PDF? Just hit the print button on the report page.

reporting print option release 6.7

How to Access

Ready to get started with TestMonitor? Try a 14-day free trial of TestMonitor here:

Eager to try out our new reports? Login into TestMonitor and click on Analyze in the main menu. You’ll immediately see all the reports available to you. Simply click on one of the reports to view it. Clicking on Reports in the title section will take you back to the report overview.

Depending on your user permissions, different reports will show up. If you are not able to access a specific report, contact your admin user and make sure the appropriate role and permissions are selected.

Need more help? Check out the knowledge base or feel free to contact support at

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