Introducing TestMonitor 7.1

by René Ceelen, on March 8, 2023


We are excited to bring you a brand new release of TestMonitor. This new version comes with support for Okta Single-Sign on, a much requested feature. And there’s more! Let's run through a quick overview of this release and recent improvements.

What’s New in TestMonitor 7.1?

  • We’ve added Okta single sign-on
  • We’ve added additional filters
  • We’ve improved pop up functionality

Introducing Okta Single-Sign On

Many of our enterprise customers have been waiting for this. Okta single sign-on (SSO) is now available as a TestMonitor SSO provider, allowing you to use your Okta platform to manage your team’s access and authentication securely. The integration relies on the Open ID Connect (OIDC) protocol. We've published the TestMonitor app in the Okta Marketplace, which makes setting up SSO a breeze.

To configure SSO for Okta in TestMonitor, please refer to our knowledge base article on How to Setup Single-Sign On for Okta.

Small Improvements and Fixes

Along with this major feature, we also recently introduced several small improvements and bug fixes. We've added filters throughout the app to identify records created by a specified user. This makes it easy to find all issues reported by a particular user. Filters are kept in place when creating new test runs, saving you a couple of mouse clicks when creating multiple runs. We’ve also improved the functionality of pop ups so that pop ups will no longer close when you accidentally click anywhere on the page, which avoids the potential of losing your work.

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