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Introducing TestMonitor 7.3

by Thijs Kok, on October 11, 2023


We are excited to announce the launch of TestMonitor 7.3, which offers substantial enhancements to your test runs. There is so much to unpack! Let's run through a quick overview of the features and enhancements introduced in this release.

What’s New in TestMonitor 7.3?

  • Flexible Test Run Scheduling: Say goodbye to rigid timelines! TestMonitor now provides the flexibility of optional start and end dates for your test runs. You can kick off testing right away or set a specific expiration date, giving you unprecedented control over your testing process.


  • Precision Timing: Test run start and end times are no longer limited to just the dates. With the ability to specify exact times, you can coordinate testing efforts with your team more effectively, ensuring everyone is on the same page.


  • Test Runs in Draft Mode: Introducing a new "draft" state for test runs. You can set up test runs without triggering notifications or allowing testers to execute them. This feature empowers you to plan and prepare thoroughly before going live.

    test runs draft mode

  • Closing Test Runs: When a test run is completed, you now have the option to transition it to a "closed" state. This action effectively ends the test run and prevents further testing, providing a clear overview of your current and upcoming testing activities.

    unnamed (5)
  • Visualization of Test Run State: Bright new colored icons show you the state of each test run. Quickly see which test runs are still in progress, which ones have been completed, and which ones have been closed.

    test run status
  • Enhanced Filtering: Our improved test run filters take advantage of the new "draft" and "closed" states. Effortlessly organize test runs based on their status - upcoming, in progress, finished, or closed - with ease and efficiency.


  • Effortless Duplication: Duplicating test runs has never been easier. With expanded options and the ability to create multiple clones at once, this streamlined process saves you time and simplifies the setup of recurring test scenarios.

    test run duplication

Small Improvements and Fixes

However, that's not all. We have implemented additional improvements to enhance the efficiency of your workflow.

  • Seamless Record Deletion: Delete records directly from the overview using context menus. This streamlined approach makes it faster and more convenient to manage your data.

  • Enhanced Project Templates: Our project templates have received a significant upgrade, making them even more versatile. With test run dates becoming optional, you can now save and deploy templates without dealing with complex timelines. By deploying templates in draft mode, you can prevent testers from executing tests immediately, giving you the opportunity to refine your design until it reaches it is ready to go.
At TestMonitor, we're committed to providing the best tools for your testing needs. These latest enhancements are designed to empower you with greater flexibility, control, and efficiency in managing your test runs. Stay ahead of the curve and experience the future of test management with TestMonitor. Make sure to subscribe to our blog to never miss an update!

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