PractiTest vs TestMonitor

When you are looking for test management software, there are a lot of options to consider. Do I need an integrated issue tracker? Which integrations do we need? How many users do I require? Does the test management software fit my business requirements? We have made a comparison between two leading test management tools to make this search less of a hassle for you: PractiTest vs TestMonitor…

Test Case Management

There are a few fundamental differences when managing test cases in TestMonitor or PractiTest.
TestMonitor uses test suites to organize test cases. PractiTest uses tests (test cases) without any hierarchy. You can assign tests to a user by using test sets. A test set in PractiTest is similar to a test run in TestMonitor. A test set in PractiTest can be run multiple times, a test run in TestMonitor can be run one single time. TestMonitor uses milestones to organize test runs, which can either be a sprint, a new release test, or another major project milestone. TestMonitor is more suitable for large amounts of test cases (100+) involving larger test teams. PractiTest uses custom filters to organize tests and test sets.

TestMonitor includes a sidebar which is revealed when a test case is selected: a handy way to quickly navigate through your test cases and edit them, if necessary. Both tools offer a batch edit mode for editing multiple test cases at once.

There are some major differences between the user interfaces of both test tools. PractiTest present each of its features in a single screen, which can be overwhelming and confusing, especially from the beginning. TestMonitor offers a “layered” and less distracting interface that only shows common features and optionally reveals more advanced actions by using the configuration options.

Running your tests

PractiTest makes it easy to plan a test set per tester. When you have a large test team this might be a cumbersome task. In TestMonitor it is possible to assign multiple test cases to multiple testers within a single test run.

PractiTest combines creating and running test runs, which is traditionally aimed at the experienced tester. Less experienced testers might be overloaded with the amount of information and options such a screen provides. TestMonitor distinguishes creating- and running test runs. The tester is provided with a personalized overview of assigned test runs. This overview allows the tester to review the testing progress and start test runs.

Both PractiTest and Testmonitor use notifications for planning and running test runs. Both test management tools are capable of sending multiple notifications: when a tester is added to a testrun, when the start date of a testrun is reached, and when a test run has been completed by the tester.

Issue tracking

TestMonitor an PractiTest both have an integrated issue tracker. They also offer extensive integrations with 3rd party issue trackers. Both offer integrations with Jira and Slack. PractiTest even has a 2-way integration with Jira. TestMonitor offers integrations with TopDesk, Asana and Azure Devops. PractiTest is available on Zapier, all the apps available on Zapier can be integrated with PractiTest. TestMonitor is still working on a Zapier integration.

Requirement management
Risk management
Application management
Easy intuitive User Interface
Test Run interface designed for end-users as testers
Test Case Management With full traceability of risks and requirements
Batch editing
Service and Support24/724/5
Cloud or on premiseCloudCloud
Training for users and administrators available
End-to-End Coverage & Methodology
Supports Agile and Waterfall methodologies
Filtering Including advanced metrics
Traceability between requirements, tests cases and issues
Responsive interface suitable for Desktop and mobile
Integrated Issue Tracking
Cloning projectsPartially
Jira integration
Advanced authorization
PricingStarts at $117 per month for $39/user/month$19/user/month


TestMonitor and PractiTest are two powerful test management tools that offer an end-to-end test methodology including issue tracking. PractiTest has a lot of customization possibilities including custom filters and fields. PractiTest has its main focus on test management for developers. TestMonitor advocates end-users as the perfect testers. TestMonitor facilitates in a quick project start by offering standard project templates. With a single click, you can reuse a test case or plan a new test run.

TestMonitor offers a wide variety of features including requirements management, risk management, and a test run overview specifically designed for tester productivity. These features cover your entire testing process and provide you with valuable insights in your test results.

PractiTest is a good solution for testteams that consist of developers or for whom a 2-way integration with Jira is a must.


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