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TestLodge™ vs TestMonitor comparison

There are many test management tools available today, each with distinctive features. To help you decide which test management tool best suits your organization’s requirements we’ve done a comparison between 2 leading test management solutions:TestLodge™ and TestMonitor.

Test Case Management

TestLodge™ has the option to sort test cases within a test suite and to reuse created test cases with the press of a button. In TestMonitor, it’s easy to filter on a variety of metrics, assign test cases to risks and requirements, and duplicate test cases on the fly. TestMonitor is more suitable for large numbers of test cases (100+), whereas TestLodge™ performs better with a smaller amount of test cases (max 50). TestMonitor includes a sidebar which is revealed when you select a test case: a handy way to quickly navigate through your test cases and edit them, if necessary.

TestMonitor Testlodge™
Requirement management
Risk management
Application management
Test run interface designed for end users as testers
Test case management With full traceability of risks and requirements
Batch editing
Service and Support 24/5 24/5
Cloud or on premise Cloud Cloud
Training for users and administrators available
End-to-End Coverage & Methodology Partially
Supports Agile and Waterfall methodologies
Traceability between requirements, tests cases and issues
Notifications Limited
Integrated Issue Tracking
Jira integration
Advanced authorization
Pricing $19/user/month $21/month


Running your tests

TestLodge™ makes it easy to plan a test run per tester. However, with multiple testers, planning your test runs will become a time consuming task. TestMonitor allows you to assign multiple testers to one test run. So, for larger groups, you’ll have your test runs planned in minutes.

TestLodge™ combines creating and running test runs, which is traditionally aimed at the experienced tester. Less experienced testers might be overloaded with the amount of information and options such a screen provides. TestMonitor distinguishes creating and running test runs. The tester is provided with a personalized overview of assigned test runs. This overview allows the tester to review the testing progress and start test runs.

Both TestLodge™ and TestMonitor use notifications for planning and running test runs.
TestLodge™ sends a notification to the testers once a test run is created. TestMonitor sends multiple notifications: when a tester is added to a test run, when the start date of a test run is reached, and when a test run has been completed by the tester.

Issue tracking

TestLodge™ offers over 15 integrations with issue tracking applications. The integrations make it possible to create issues while running a test in TestLodge™. TestMonitor offers both issue tracking through integrations with well-known issue trackers, as through an integrated issue tracker. In this area, TestMonitor covers a wider array of quality management features and enables you to gather additional context when reviewing issues.


Both TestLodge™ and TestMonitor offer a professional test management solution. TestMonitor is a complete end-to-end test management tool, which includes issue tracking. TestLodge is a test management tool focused on test management and lacks integrated issue tracking, advanced filtering, risk management or business process management. Another big difference between TestMonitor and TestLodge is the import and export possibility. TestLodge only allows the import of test cases via Google sheets. The import of requirements or other objects is not possible in TestLodge.

TestMonitor offers a wide variety of features including requirements management, risk management, an integrated issue tracker, and a test run overview specifically designed for tester productivity. These features cover your entire testing process and provide you with valuable insights in your test results.

TestLodge™ is a good solution if you are looking for a solution for a smaller test team with a limited budget and with a specific need for integration with a third-party issue tracker.

*Disclaimer: Comparison research conducted by TestMonitor marketing department. Any updates can be sent to

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