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We have over 20 years of experience in User Acceptance Testing. As experts we know that testing is not something that should be taken too lightly.

Test management is not only about testing if your software works, more important, it is about whether your software is supporting you in doing a more effective and efficient job.


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Quick Start & Professional Start 

Get your employees up-to-speed with test management. 
We offer two deals for training your employees: a 2×2 webinar and a masterclass. Next to this we offer test management consultancy for your testing projects. In our experience, what you invest in training your staff, you gain by increased quality and saved time in designing and implementing your testing project.

Project Consultancy

Increase the quality of your software implementation: make use of test professionals. We manage the quality of implementing new (versions of) your software, through preparing, coordinating and guiding several kinds of software tests. The ultimate goal: determine your organisation is ready for using the IT system. 

Does it work? And can you work with it?

Does it work?

In the phase of testing and acceptance, it is of great importance the processes in your organisation are being tested. This to ensure the design, the information, and the coherence between them are sufficient.

And does it support your work?

Testing is not only to assess whether the system works, but also to determine if employees can perform their tasks properly.

20 years of expierence

We know from more than 20 years of experience, that testing software helps your employees accepting the software and the new way of working as well.

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