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Plan Test Runs

Use milestones to mark important events in your project for the entire team. Schedule sprints, releases or iterations to organize your test runs and get a grip on your project planning.


Monitor your progress

Get a bird’s eye view of all test runs, past and present. View the progress of each test run and keep track of all active and upcoming test runs and the assigned testers.

Assign to multiple users

Select the desired test case and start editing its details right away. TestMonitor is designed to make the testing process more efficient.

Get notifications

Notifications keep your project members informed of all upcoming test activities and planned test runs. With one click on the attached link they can start right away.

Duplicating test runs

Duplicating or rerunning test runs in TestMonitor is effortless. With a single click you can duplicate your test run, including all testers and test cases.

Simple rescheduling

Editing large amounts of test runs becomes real easy in TestMonitor. Just select multiple test runs and extend all runs by a week, a month or schedule them to expire at a custom date.

Updating on the fly

Label your test cases with requirements, risks or applications and benefit from extensive analysis options when your project evolves.

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