Test Case Management

Manage your tests in one place. TestMonitor has a test case editor that is built to get your tests up and running within minutes.

Organize your test cases in test suites

Manage your tests in one place. Test suites in TestMonitor are used to group a set of similar test cases. You might prefer to group your test cases per application or test type, suites will allow you to do so.

Start testing within minutes with a fast and powerful test case editor

TestMonitor has a test case editor that is built to get your tests up and running within minutes.

Manage all test case details in a structured way, including preconditions, instructions, test data, duration and expected result.

Update test case details on the fly

Select your desired test case and start editing its details right away. TestMonitor is designed to make the testing process more efficient and is much faster and structured than Excel.

Label your test cases

Label your test cases with requirements, risks or applications and benefit from extensive analysis options when your project evolves.

Edit multiple test cases at once

Managing large amounts of test cases in TestMonitor becomes real easy. Just select multiple test cases and update them all at once. This makes it plain simple to add multiple requirements, change the test case duration or mass edit any field you like.

Duplicate test cases with one click

Reusing test cases in TestMonitor is effortless. With a single click you can duplicate your test case, including all its details and related requirements, risks and applications.

Import your current test cases

Our step-by-step importer gets your test case imports done within seconds. Just upload the file you want to import, map your columns and start importing! When your file is uploaded TestMonitor will generate a preview right away, so you can make sure your imported data will be mapped correctly. It is also possible to roll back faulty imports.

Reuse and revise your test cases

No need to copy test cases over and over gain. In TestMonitor you can reuse your test cases across milestones and test runs. Your test cases evolve over time, TestMonitor allows you to revise your test cases and shows you all the changes over time.

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