TestMonitor for
Functional Managers

You can use TestMonitor to ensure that every new release goes into production without any problems. You can not only check that the new version works, but also whether your own employees can still do their work with it. Test designs are reused, as are entire milestones. A new test can be scheduled in just a few minutes.
Test Management tool - Monitor your progress

Does it work? And can you work with it?

With TestMonitor, you can ensure a testing approach that thinks of everything from defining, designing, planning, and executing to tracking test results, resolving issues, and reporting. It allows you as a Functional Manager to keep a good overview of all outstanding issues, the statuses, and the quality of testing and retesting. This forms the basis for a structured testing approach for the simple testing of a new release.

The advantages of TestMonitor
for you as Functional Manager

All-in-one tool for the professional management of every test process

Maintain control over and an overview of budgets, objectives, users, and the quality of the software.

Reuse of test scripts

By reusing previously-created test scripts, a complete test can be planned quickly and easily in the future.

Improve quality and acceptance

Use the strengths of users through intuitive test registration and improve the quality of your software or IT project.

Outsmart assumptions with TestMonitor, again and again...

The most important features

Test Management
Running Tests

Test Case Management

Manage your tests in one place. TestMonitor has a test case editor that is built to get your tests up and running within minutes. Managing large amounts of test cases in TestMonitor becomes real easy.

Test Management tool - Features overview

Get a grip on your project’s outcome

By defining requirements and risks that matter most to you, you get a grip on your project’s outcome.

Requirements in TestMonitor define the needs of the project’s stakeholders. They are used during testing to validate that what has been built matches the business objectives of the project.

Risks allow you to define project hazards which can be used to direct your testing effort.

Test Management tool - Test Requirements and Risks

Organize your test cases in test suites

Manage your tests in one place. Test suites in TestMonitor are used to group a set of similar test cases. You might prefer to group your test cases per application or test type, suites will allow you to do so.

Test Management tool - Test Suites

Plan milestones, releases and sprints

Use milestones to mark important events in your project for your entire team.

Schedule sprints, releases or iterations to organize your test runs and get a grip on your project planning.

Test Management tool - Test planning

Execute test runs, at any place, at any time, no experience required.

TestMonitor offers a simple interface built for testers. The tester receives a personal todo list of all planned test runs that are assigned to him. When clicking start the tester is taken to a case by case overview. The tester is guided through all assigned test cases and can easily enter his result.

Running Tests

Monitor the outcome and progress of test cases

In TestMonitor test results can be used to track the progress and outcome of test cases.

View the latest outcome per test case and use filters to view your results per milestone, requirement or any other metric available in TestMonitor.

Test Management tool - Tracking test results

Simple yet powerful integrated issue tracking

Powerful issue management with filters, prioritization, a full history trail, attachment handling, commenting, and time management.

Test Management tool - Issue Tracking

Issue Report

View issue reports per status, impact, category, priority or organisation.

Test Management tool - Reporting

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