How to choose the best test management tool for your business?

There are many test management tools available in the market. How do you choose the right one?


There are many test management tools available in the market. How do you choose the right one for your business? Here is a clear list of selection criteria that will help you find the best fit for your organization. You can also download our practical checklist.

Before selecting test management software

Before you start examining different tools, make sure you are clear on the needs of your organization or project. It is wise to involve all stakeholders, both IT and business, in this inventory. Especially as the role of end-users in testing and acceptance is increasing. For example, testing with end-users is different from testing with test professionals. Once you have identified all your needs, you can start checking and comparing the features of various software packages.

Definition of test management

Test management refers to the activity of managing a software testing process. That process starts with defining requirements and risks, designing test cases, and plan the milestones and test runs. After the design phase, the actual testers can run the tests. After testing, the analyze phase starts with investigating the test results, create and manage the issues, and make the reports for your stakeholders. A test management tool is a software solution used to achieve these phases.

Selection criteria for test management tools

A test management tool must maintain all the manual testing activities (or to gather data out of an automated test). As said, these are to define requirements and risks, design test cases, plan test runs, analyze test results, and manage related issues. The whole process is managed by a test management tool to make your work easier and reusable. These are the most outstanding selection criteria in choosing test management software. By clicking on the topic, you can read more about the options test management tools offer.

Download the checklist 'How to choose the best test management tool for your business?'



With this checklist, you will be able to choose the right test management software. For detailed information per tool also check out the comparisons with other test management software on our website.

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