Jira + TestMonitor

Automatically create and update issues in Jira directly from TestMonitor.


Connecting to Jira

Connect your TestMonitor project to a Jira project. Create an issue in TestMonitor, and a matching issue will automatically be added to your connected Jira Cloud Instance. Attachments included!


Configuring Jira

Setting up the Jira integration in TestMonitor only takes a few clicks. Start with generating a personal Jira API token. Head over to your Project settings, select Integrations and click Connect in the Jira panel. Provide your Jira URL, username and token, select a Jira project and you are good to go!


Viewing your linked Jira issues

Issues in TestMonitor that are linked to a Jira issue have a reference that can be found in TestMonitor. By clicking on the reference you will be directed to your Jira issue right away.


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