TestMonitor for IT Project Managers

Controlled management of your IT issues assisted by TestMonitor. As an IT Project Leader, you want a clear overview, not only of budget and time, but also of quality. With TestMonitor, you have continuous insight into quality and risks as all test results and issues are managed from one central location.

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TestMonitor supports Agile and waterfall model methodologies

With TestMonitor, you can ensure a testing approach that includes everything: from defining, designing, planning, and executing to tracking test results, resolving issues, and reporting. As an IT Project Leader, it allows you to keep a good overview of all outstanding issues, its statuses, and the quality of testing and retesting. This forms your solid basis for a structured testing approach in Agile environments but also for more traditional IT implementation, such as with the waterfall model.

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The advantages

Major advantages for you as IT Project Manager

Complete tool to manage IT project risks

Maintain control over objectives, risks, users, and the quality of the software through a continuous cycle of testing, issue management, retesting, and release. The real-time reports give you complete insight at a glance.

Improve quality and acceptance

Because of the intuitive test registration, you can easily involve your end users and use their strengths. This will help you improve the quality of your software or IT project.

Central issue management indicates the 'real' quality

Eliminate errors from the software and set-up at an early stage with the help of your own end users. The central issue management gives you an overview of the latest state of affairs at any time.

A well-thought-out test tool. Easy to use, controlled testing with reports and analysis.

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