How to design test cases?

  • How to involve users in testing
  • How to keep real-time insight and overview
  • How to process test outcomes
  • How to monitor progress and planning

How to design test cases? A free webinar with 12 tips

We kicked off 2020 with our webinar series ‘Next Level Testing’ with a webinar on 'How to design test cases?' We shared our best practices and tips on test management. View the webinar recordings in Dutch or English and download the 12 tips on designing test cases for 'next level testing'.

View the English recording


View the Dutch recording


Download our 12 tips on designing test cases for 'next level testing'.


Webinar speaker René Ceelen

Founder of TestMonitor

Rene-Ceelen-TestMonitorRené Ceelen has more than 20 years of experience in User Acceptance Testing. Besides inspiring his colleagues and guiding TestMonitor to being one of the top test management software platforms in the world, he is researcher at the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences faculty of the Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. His mission is to make testing fun and easy. He loves to share his knowledge and make everyone a happy tester or test manager.

About TestMonitor

At TestMonitor we believe that insight into quality is the key to successful IT. We offer user testing software and expertise. Our software makes user testing simple in a clear and structured way, by defining quality and by involving end-users. In this way you can unambiguously determine whether your IT, app or software is ready for use. Get started with TestMonitor today!