Testing with Excel is history.

Learn why testing with Excel eventually becomes slow, unstructured, complex and very frustrating.

Explore the future

The old days: let’s use Excel…

… because everyone knows how to use a spreadsheet!

It starts out simple

You create a spreadsheet because Excel is already there. Let's rock!

But it soon gets out of hand

A new release means copying all the spreadsheets. Questions arise: which file is the right version? What is the status of each test case?

Eventually it becomes slow, unstructured, complex and very frustrating

At a certain moment, you are drowning in spreadsheets. Tracking activities becomes impossible. Who is testing what? Are we missing any test results?

5 reasons why testing with Excel should be History

Can you test software with Excel? Well, it depends. Can you chop down a tree with a pocket knife? Eventually you will succeed. However, we think that testing software with Excel should be history:


Everything is possible. Without any restrictions.

Users are allowed to edit your spreadsheets. Before you know it, your test cases have become complete and utter chaos. This makes for a poor starting point for structured testing.

Impossible spreadsheet management.

What if you want to know how the overall test process is going? Do you then link all your separate sheets in Excel together? Excel is fine for a nice short term approach, but it isn’t a big data solution. That’s something Excel was never made for.

Lack of security.

Is testing with Excel safe? Encrypted Excels can easily be cracked, image your test results and issues leaking and made public. Securing this data in an Excel document is not easy.

Information can quickly become fragmented .

You always have Excel at hand, but are your test results and issues complete?
Information can quickly become fragmented and it’s difficult to keep track of all the different changes.

No data integrity and traceability.

Maintaining a file archive is possible, but it will also soon become unmanageable: issues_20161201_final2.xls is now the latest version or was it a different document? Convincing an auditing party of data integrity and traceability is an impossible task using these methods.

Testing with Excel is not a shame.

Is testing with Excel actually a real shame? No, because testing software is always better than doing nothing at all – “it’s the taking part that counts, not winning”.

Why you should move away from Excel.

But therein lays our most import message as well. Excel works fine as a short time solution, but for long term projects you can save time and money by using a professional test management application.

Testing with a smile

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TestMonitor vs Excel



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