How TestMonitor Enhances a Developer’s Toolset

If you’re a developer, you already know that there is a lot riding on your shoulders.

From translating requirements into system functions and features to delivering customizations that set your organization apart from the competition, developers have to be able to balance a number of responsibilities every single day.

But what if you had a solution that could capture your entire workload from end-to-end, helping you manage a requirement from the initial build, through to test and issue resolution, and then out to delivery? That’s what TestMonitor can give you.

TestMonitor is built for professional developers like you, and can help you and your team deliver for your users by facilitating each step of the quality management process right out of the box. With pre-configured templates, customizable dashboards, and native task and issue tracking, you can feel confident that your customers are getting the best version of your product.

No matter the size and scope of your development workload, TestMonitor is proven to accelerate the development testing process.

Built to Help You Deliver Every Sprint

With TestMonitor, you easily link test runs to development sprints, link requirements to test cases, and generate new reports, alerts, and notifications with an intuitive interface. And once testing is underway, it is easy to monitor results and feedback as they come in via a centralized platform that easily integrates with your favorite bug-tracking software. Finally, TestMonitor is always running in the background, generating a detailed audit trail behind each update and user action so it's easier to troubleshoot issues and share lessons learned.

The end result is a simplified, comprehensive, and unified view of your development workload that allows you to focus more on your work and less on administrative tasks.

The Advantages of TestMonitor

Deliver with an All-in-One Tool for Every Developer

From setting up and tracking your workload, to recording feature requirements and collaborating with your team, TestMonitor is ready to help you deliver from day one.

Easily manage a portfolio of development projects—no matter their scope or scale—using existing project templates or built-in features to drill down and resolve issues when they arise.

Centralize Bug and Issue Management

Improve your efficiency in tracking software bugs and issues using TestMonitor’s centralized issue management. This feature gives you and your team an overview of the current status of your work and makes generating and sharing reports as easy as a few clicks.

Increase End-User Collaboration

Because of our intuitive user registration, your team can easily add and collaborate with end users so they spend more time adding value and less time onboarding.

TestMonitor also gives testers the ability to attach screenshots, provide feedback tied to specific requirements, and summarize their results with a smiley-based rating system, so you always know how your work is being received.

Evolve Your Developer Toolset

  • Easily integrate with your favorite developer tools for a one-stop view of your work.
  • Create a custom project, or start with one of our example templates.
  • Leverage data-rich dashboards to better plan, manage, and communicate the status of your work.
  • Tap into our library of resources—including video tutorials and an extensive knowledge base—to accelerate your onboarding.


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“A well-thought-out test tool. Easy to use, controlled testing with reports and analysis.”

Benno Vendrig

Partner at Condor Solutions

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Cornerstone Credit Union, a financial institution, utilized TestMonitor to save time and increase efficiency when testing their new online banking platform.

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When the elearning development team at NantWorks grew tired of using cumbersome Excel spreadsheets to manage their software testing, TestMonitor provided a boost.

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