Automated Testing with TestMonitor

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

Common benefits of test automation
✓ Pro’s and con’s of automated and manual testing methods
✓ How TestMonitor helps you manage test automation
✓ How to integrate Selenium tests within TestMonitor

How to plan a test?

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Helpful Links

In case you're already using Selenium or want to check out a Selenium demo project that integrates with TestMonitor, visit the link below to get started:
When you're using TestNG and want to set up an integration with TestMonitor, use this link for more information:
Want to connect to TestMonitor using your Java project? Check out the Java API client:

About TestMonitor

At TestMonitor we believe that insight into quality is the key to successful IT. We offer user testing software and expertise. Our software makes user testing simple in a clear and structured way, by defining quality and by involving end-users. In this way you can unambiguously determine whether your IT, app or software is ready for use. Get started with TestMonitor today!