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5 Questions Release Managers Have About TestMonitor

by René Ceelen, on May 20, 2021

5 Questions Release Managers Have About TestMonitor-min

An organization’s release manager is entrusted with the responsibility of keeping enterprise systems stable, patched, updated, and secure.

They are not only given the responsibility of evaluating new releases for their features, changes, and patches, but they are also expected to understand the potential impacts of any new enhancements or modifications to production systems across the enterprise. This makes their job almost as important as the initial launch of a project.

With so much responsibility, a large and diverse workload, and a number of demanding stakeholders, release managers frequently turn to industry-leading test management tools like TestMonitor to improve their productivity.

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So if you are just beginning your search for a test management solution or if you are considering a change from your current methods to further streamline your work, here are some key questions you may have and how the team at TestMonitor would answer them.

How easy is it to track the wide range of tests I manage across my enterprise?

This is one of the main features of TestMonitor, and it makes it easy for release managers to monitor all testing activities across their entire workload or easily drill down into each test case, project by project. It also allows users to filter by requirement, milestone, or stage to review progress and prioritize resources more effectively. TestMonitor is even made to display links between risks, requirements, and outcomes, cutting down the research and administrative work that release managers have to do.

With TestMonitor, you can also easily manage the entire lifecycle of each of the requirements that influence the timing and scale of your releases, from initial intake and testing, to issue resolution and final close out. It also provides real-time insight into your testing status along the way, which is configurable to be shown by individual projects or across your entire portfolio.

What tools and accelerators are built in to make my job easier?

The team behind TestMonitor knows that you already have a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders, so we made it easy to create, manage, assign, and run test cases and monitor their progress throughout the lifecycle. You can also use preconfigured test cases or save your own configurations to a test case library for future use, saving you valuable set up time.

On the back end, TestMonitor also offers preconfigured and customizable reports to document performance, categorize outcomes, and publish and send to stakeholders.

How easy is it to configure and customize to fit my organization’s needs?
No matter the size and scope of your testing workload, your software development methodology, or the type of software tested, TestMonitor is able to handle them all.

With pre-planned milestones, a test case library, and an intuitive user interface, TestMonitor makes structuring your test cases simple. And after test cases are structured, it's easy to configure notifications of key events, add and assign users, and generate custom reports as you need them.

Can TestMonitor easily integrate with my existing technology ecosystem?

Similar to how your work as a release manager touches on so many facets of your critical organizational systems, we’ve made it easy to integrate TestMonitor into your existing workflow, communications, and reporting tools.

From Slack, Zapier, and Jira to Microsoft Azure and Asana, we have made integrations easy with OpenAPIs.

What types of support does TestMonitor provide?

At TestMonitor, we are about making your job as a release manager easier. This is why we provide access to a knowledge base of accessible and searchable articles, tutorials, and webinars to make sure you have the information you need to deliver for your clients.

If you need more specific help, TestMonitor’s support team is just a phone call away to answer any questions and show you how to use TestMonitor to its full potential.

Ready for a new testing experience?

If you want to experience TestMonitor firsthand and see just how much our solution can simplify your job as a release manager, then we welcome you to click here to register for a 14-day free trial.

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