Introducing TestMonitor 6.12

by Thijs Kok, on November 15, 2021

TestMonitor 6.12 update

We’re back with another release of TestMonitor, and we are excited to bring you a brand new Microsoft Teams integration! With this integration, you can track your TestMonitor projects through Team channel updates, creating a single place for all your test notifications. And there’s more! Let's run through a quick overview of this release.

Introducing the Microsoft Teams Integration

Today, we are excited to announce our brand new Microsoft Teams integration. This integration gives you a new way to keep your team informed about and involved in test management, notifying them about important events such as reaching a test milestone, completing a crucial test run, or resolving a nagging issue. All this without sending company-wide emails or being constantly logged in. 

The Teams integration will notify you about the following events:

  • When a milestone is reached (i.e., when all its test runs are completed).
  • When a new test run is planned.
  • When a test run is completed.
  • When a new issue is created.
  • When an issue’s status has changed.
  • When a comment is posted (either on a test result or an issue).

Once configured, you can select the notifications you want to receive.

Teams integration

There's more! Alongside these standard notifications, we are introducing a brand new one: the weekly project summary. This is an automated notification sent every Monday morning that summarizes the previous week’s activity. This is a great way of tracking progress and celebrating your team's achievements. 

To integrate Microsoft Teams with your TestMonitor project, open the Project selector menu in the top menu bar. From there, click on Project settings and select Integrations from the menu on the left. Then, click on Connect in the Microsoft Teams panel and follow the on-screen instructions. It's that simple!

Heads up: Based on your Office 365 role, some settings may not be visible in Microsoft Teams. Ensure you are an admin or Teams administrator before setting up the integration (or contact your Office 365 administrator for more information).

Slack Integration 2.0

With the arrival of our Microsoft Teams integration, we've given Slack an upgrade as well. Here's what has improved:

  • We added the weekly project summary in Slack too! Reflect on your test progress with a weekly notification providing the prior week’s highlights.
  • You can configure the notifications you want to receive, giving you more control of what ends up in your Slack channel—and what doesn't.

testmonitor 6.12 update

Are you using Slack and have yet to set up our integration? It's really easy! Open the Project selector menu in the top menu bar, click on Project settings, and select Integrations from the menu on the left. Then, click on Connect in Slack, pick a channel for your notifications, and you are good to go!

Existing Slack integration users: With the release of TestMonitor 6.12, your Slack integration needs to be upgraded to keep receiving notifications. Head over to your project integration overview for more information.

Small Improvements and Fixes

Along with these major improvements, we also made several small improvements and bug fixes. We've improved the error detection of our integrations; you will now get a notification if integration fails, along with some helpful tips. We've also simplified the test case cloning process, allowing you to specify a name beforehand—saving a few mouse clicks.

We are always working on new features to improve TestMonitor. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to never miss one!

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