Mention your Co-worker & Text formatting

by René Ceelen, on April 9, 2020

This one's been sitting on our backlog for quite a while. Not anymore! We're really excited to present mention support in the comments. And we introduced the formatting bar, which conveniently helps you to add formatting to your input.


Get mentioned!
Mentions (often known as @mentions) are a useful way of drawing someone's attention to a comment or message. Whenever you mention a user, they'll receive a notification, either by e-mail or in their TestMonitor notification list.

To mention someone using autocomplete, type '@' in the message field, then start typing their name. Choose the person you want to mention from the list of suggestions. Once you have posted your message, the selected person(s) will be notified.
Along with mentions, we've also added referencing. This allows you to refer to other items simply by typing its code. Say you want to refer to an issue in your comment: just type '#I' and then start typing its code. Select the issue and a link referring to that issue is automatically generated.
Mentions and referencing are now available in project messages on your dashboard, test result comments, and issue comments.


Text formatting simplified

We've got a lot of feedback and we've decided to simplify formatting - and take it up a notch! Introducing the formatting bar, which conveniently helps you to add formatting to your input. Just selected a piece of text and the bar will appear right away. You can make text bold, add a list or embed a hyperlink - all without remembering any syntax.

We've also extended the number of fields that allow text formatting. Any description (like a requirement description or an issue description) now supports formatting text. Test result descriptions can be formatted as well. Formatted text copy-pasted in any of these fields will retain its format as well!



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