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Test Management Tools: 5 Must-Have Features to Consider

by Thijs Kok, on December 7, 2021

Test Management Tools 5 Must-Have Features to ConsiderIf you’re thinking about using a test management tool—or thinking that the one you currently use isn’t as efficient as it could be—you’re not alone.

That’s because developers and their teams no longer have to set up and perform each software testing phase on their own, relying on spreadsheets and meetings. Today, there are test management tools that make the software testing process structured, consistent, and comprehensive.

But—as is true with most technology—not all test management tools are created equal.

Although some options may look nice or come with a strong sales strategy, it’s more important to look under the hood and ensure the test management tool you choose includes all the features you need.

Test Management Tools: Features You Need

With a wide range of available solutions, including monthly or yearly subscription-based tools, choosing a test management tool might seem a bit overwhelming.

Before you begin your research, it is essential to understand the features you need for effective, productive software testing and ensure that the tool you choose includes all of those features. 

From our experience, here are a few of the must-haves to put on your checklist:

Manage All Your Tests in One Place

Whether your team handles a portfolio of projects all in various stages or just focuses on one main effort, visibility into progress is key.

That’s why having a test management tool that not only tracks your progress, but also securely captures large numbers of test cases should be one of your requirements.

Industry-leading test management tools come with test case libraries that allow your team to store templates and commonly used cases. These tools should also feature a test case editor that is robust, easy to use, and quick to start. 

Define Your Requirements and Risks

Testing is all about ensuring that your ultimate design meets technical and functional requirements.

The test management tool your team selects should make the process of capturing these initial requirements and tying them to your test cases intuitive. 

Go one step further and look for a tool that also defines requirements, captures risks, and classifies them by priority.

Get Real-Time Reporting

When customers are expecting results, quality, real-time reporting is a must.

This means having access to real-time status reports for test runs, test cases, and issue management and resolution. This gives your team the ability to know where your testing stands at all times and access the information they need from an easy dashboard.

Enjoy Easy and Quick Testing

Testing is stressful enough as it is, considering you are putting your design in front of experts and potential end users.

That’s why it’s crucial to make the various testing phases—especially user acceptance testing—intuitive for all your users, including personalized log-in pages and dashboards for each of them. 

In other words, your test management tool should have you testing within minutes and be easy for anyone to use at any time, anywhere, and at any level of expertise. 

Make Issues a Non-Issue

If you don’t have the right tools when testing is underway, managing and organizing issues can become complex and time-consuming.

Your test management tool should make the issue management workflow smooth and efficient for everyone. This means choosing a tool with an integrated issue tracker that includes:

  • Filters
  • Prioritization
  • Audit trails
  • Attachments
  • Comments
  • Task management 

Get Your Free Trial

Now that you know what’s out there and what to look for, it is a great time to take an industry-leading test management tool for a test drive.

At TestMonitor, we continually think of solutions to new challenges facing developers so we can always offer the most comprehensive test management tool.

Our software includes all the features discussed today, plus so much more. Take it for a test run—start your free trial today.

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