TestMonitor for IT Project Managers

The decision to develop or update a piece of software or implement a new system represents a big investment for any organization—not only in terms of money, but also in time and even brand reputation.

This is why it’s important to give IT project managers and their team members every possible tool and advantage to ensure their efforts are efficient and successful. 

One of the most impactful tools—a test management platform—comes into play during one of the most crucial phases of the project implementation lifecycle: When quality assurance and system functionality need to be verified before release.

Whether it’s end-to-end issue management, schedule creation, intuitive reporting, or budget and time management, an industry-leading solution such as TestMonitor delivers it all.

Intuitive, Comprehensive Test Management

With TestMonitor, you can easily balance both the technical and operational facets of a project manager’s responsibilities, from planning, structuring, and scheduling testing to communicating with testers, tracking test results, monitoring issue resolution, and developing data-rich reports for stakeholders. TestMonitor offers all of these functionalities, right out of the box. 

How TestMonitor Delivers for You

One platform to handle all project management methodologies.

Every project and every delivery team is different, but TestMonitor is flexible enough to handle them all. Whether you prefer Agile sprints or the tried-and-true waterfall approach, project managers can easily build out testing schedules, set test objectives, and track the status of tasks and issues to give a complete overview at a glance.

Less administrative burden, more testing efficiency.

Get rid of multiple spreadsheets, various project plan documents, and dozens of email distribution lists and focus on planning and executing your tests with precision. 

With TestMonitor, it’s easy to manage a portfolio of tests for multiple projects at one time and in one platform, allowing you to streamline your back-end management tasks and meet your schedule and budget targets.

A complete tool to proactively manage IT project risks and issues.

Use the built-in communication platforms to assign issue and risk owners, comment on the status of resolution plans, and collaborate within test results to keep your team focused and on track. Plus, each update triggers a notification to help you maintain control and boost communication.

Optimized project management for optimal outcomes.

  • Take advantage of preconfigured templates, test cases, reports, and dashboards to provide a consistent and comprehensive project structure that incorporates best practices into your testing design.
  • Use customizable, data-rich dashboards that allow testers to plan, manage, and communicate the status of their testing efforts with the project manager.
  • Tap into a wealth of free on-demand resources—such as video walkthroughs, knowledge articles, and FAQs—to accelerate your onboarding and streamline user engagement.



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“A well-thought-out test tool. Easy to use, controlled testing with reports and analysis.”

Benno Vendrig

Partner at Condor Solutions

Portaal chooses TestMonitor to test their entire IT infrastructure—including the ERP system, web portal, maintenance and inspection applications, and all related integrations.

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Cornerstone Credit Union, a financial institution, utilized TestMonitor to save time and increase efficiency when testing their new online banking platform.

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When the elearning development team at NantWorks grew tired of using cumbersome Excel spreadsheets to manage their software testing, TestMonitor provided a boost.

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