TestMonitor for Scrum Masters

The Agile methodology has become the software development approach of choice for many organizations, and for good reason.

Instead of a waterfall approach that separates testing and evaluation into its own distinct phase, the Agile methodology weaves a range of new principles into the entire software development process. Although this new approach brings more of a focus on the end user experience, faster iterations of development, and the ability to test concepts earlier and more often, the Agile methodology can still present some challenges for Scrum Masters who are responsible for coaching their team through the process.

From planning and evaluating the progress of sprints, to tracking overall progress toward schedule and budget milestones, to managing specific testing requirements, the work of a Scrum Master can add up quickly.

This is why it is vital for organizations to provide their Scrum Masters with an industry-leading test management tool—like TestMonitor—to streamline their workloads, automate traditionally manual tasks, and improve the tracking of testing efforts with intuitive reporting and customizable dashboards. 

Productive, Collaborative Test Management

With TestMonitor, Scrum Masters can do what they do best: coach their teams and remove issues before they bog down progress and slow development. 

TestMonitor gives Scrum Masters the features they need to balance both the technical and operational facets of Agile software development, from planning, structuring, and scheduling sprints to managing backlogs and maintaining communications with the scrum team. TestMonitor offers all of these functionalities right out of the box, giving you the tools you need to keep scrums productive, positive, and on track.

How TestMonitor Drives Testing in Agile Scrum

One platform to handle all efforts, from end to end.
Every project, sprint, and development team is different, but TestMonitor is flexible enough to handle them all. Whether you are responsible for managing just one development effort or balancing multiple sprints at once, TestMonitor gives Scrum Masters the tools they need to communicate objectives, build out testing schedules, instantly test deliverables from your sprint, and track the status of tasks, releases, and launches—all in one platform.

Less administrative burden, more testing efficiency.
Make your test management processes, planning, and communications as lean as your Agile development, giving you more time to focus on removing barriers for your team and facilitating discussions with your project owners. 

With TestMonitor, you can leave spreadsheets, planning documents, and manual communications tools behind and give more attention to executing your sprints with precision.

Proactively manage project issues to maintain speed.
Use TestMonitor’s native communication tools and automated notifications to improve risks and issues tracking, comment on the status of tasks, and collaborate with the larger scrum team to keep your team on track. Plus, each update triggers a notification to maintain control and boost communication.

Balance speed and
quality for more impactful customer experiences.

  • Take advantage of preconfigured templates, test cases, reports, and dashboards to provide a consistent structure to your sprints and testing cycles.
  • Give your Agile team and your stakeholders the information they need with customizable, data-rich dashboards that allow testers to plan, manage, and communicate the status of their work and give project owners the updates they need to break down barriers.
  • Tap into a wealth of free, on-demand resources—such as video walkthroughs, knowledge articles, and FAQs—to accelerate your onboarding and streamline user engagement.



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"Best testing software I have ever used. With TestMonitor you create and plan your tests, monitoring developments, comments, error messages and getting all the information about the quality of the software you are developing."

Sanyam G.

Project Manager at G2

Portaal chooses TestMonitor to test their entire IT infrastructure—including the ERP system, web portal, maintenance and inspection applications, and all related integrations.

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Cornerstone Credit Union, a financial institution, utilized TestMonitor to save time and increase efficiency when testing their new online banking platform.

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When the elearning development team at NantWorks grew tired of using cumbersome Excel spreadsheets to manage their software testing, TestMonitor provided a boost.

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