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4 Questions Scrum Masters Have About TestMonitor

by René Ceelen, on November 16, 2021

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Scrum Masters orchestrate teams through the fast-paced agile approach to software development. They are also known for needing room for trial and error until they find the right path forward—especially when it comes to their work.

It makes sense that this particular breed of technology professional is constantly on the hunt for the best tools and capabilities to improve their team’s performance. When your life’s work is all about testing until it’s right, finding the easiest and most efficient way for software testing is beyond important. 

Although there are plenty of project management and scrum-related tools out there, Scrum Masters may be less aware of the power that a test management tool can deliver for them. Instead of fitting their needs into project management tools, Scrum Masters need customizable test management tools. 

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But what exactly does a test management tool do? And can the right tool revolutionize the way you work? Yes, and yes. Let’s look closer.  

Test Management Tools Mini-FAQ for Scrum Masters

Whether you are a Scrum Master who hasn’t considered test management tools before or one who is looking for a better option, you likely have questions. Because we live and breathe test management, we field a lot of questions from Scrum Masters. We have gathered the four most useful questions here, so you don’t have to ask:

1. How well does TestMonitor track and trace feedback?

TestMonitor is designed to improve the testing process from end to end, including tracking and tracing feedback. With all the pressure testers face to be fast and accurate, test management tools must be able to intuitively capture and communicate feedback and results. This makes it easier for teams to tie software testing feedback back to original requirements.

TestMonitor goes the distance and makes it easy for testers to record feedback. We use a smiley-based satisfaction rating system to make it as easy as possible to get general feedback at a glance and allow for attachments that add essential details and nuances to feedback. 

2. How easy is it to configure TestMonitor?

We understand the need for structured testing—but we also understand that it means extra overhead. That’s why TestMonitor’s test monitoring tools empower users to focus on key tasks without sacrificing quality. This means using test suites that include:

  • Pre-built project plan templates
  • Sample test cases
  • Real-time reports

Test suites put test cases into similar segments, making planning, tracking, and analysis easier. This is especially true when you’re dealing with large projects that may include hundreds of test cases.

3. How can TestMonitor increase visibility across my projects?

Whether you’re leading one large project or a portfolio of smaller efforts, TestMonitor provides the visibility you need at both the macro and micro levels.

Our test management tool was designed to allow you to dive into test plans and test cases while also monitoring links between risks, requirements, and outcomes. Users can filter by requirement, milestone, or stage, then review progress and prioritize resources, making your software testing more manageable.

4. What kind of reporting does TestMonitor offer?

TestMonitor offers easy-to-read, integrated reports to document performance, prioritize outcomes, and publish and send to stakeholders. Scrum Masters, project team members, and other stakeholders can also take advantage of data-rich, customizable dashboards to get updates about tasks. This means customized, real-time reports about:

  • Requirements
  • Risks
  • Issues (sorted by status, impact, category, priority, or organization)
  • Test runs
  • Traceability
  • Coverage
  • Progress

With TestMonitor, Scrum Masters can easily customize any report to meet a specific need, including resizing a chart. 

Find Out Just How Flexible Test Management Tools Can Be

For Scrum Masters, using test management tools that are intuitive, flexible, and customizable is crucial. You need software testing that can bring new efficiencies, handle all of your needs, and suit your available budget.  

TestMonitor ensures that when you use our test management tools, you will get finished software that is developed with efficiency, security, and stability. Learn more about what TestMonitor can do for your organization and how much efficiency our tools bring. 

Download our e-book, TestMonitor Test Management Guide.

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