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7 Questions IT Consultants Have About TestMonitor

by René Ceelen, on March 16, 2021

Canva Design DAEXwKbLKnAWe recognize just how important accurate and comprehensive software testing is for your business and your clients to do right, every time. Not only does your brand rely on testing being performed correctly, but your customers do too.

Whether you are researching the available software testing management tools for the first time or you are looking for something better than your current solution, we know that there can be a lot of pressure to find just the right fit. That is why TestMonitor purposely built our tool to handle the full range of testing needs, no matter your industry or the scale of your business.

Understandably, there can be more to picking the right product for your testing needs than that. With that in mind, we wanted to answer seven key questions that you may have if you’re wondering whether TestMonitor is right for your business.

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1. Can TestMonitor Handle All Stages of Testing?

From the definition to resolution of each test stage, TestMonitor makes each stage of software testing simple and easy. Our solution has built-in communication tools, issue management tracking, and the ability to maintain a library of recurring tasks and tests from project to project.

You can use milestones to mark important project events, schedule testing sprints, and organize test runs to make your testing plan take shape and build momentum. 

2. How Easy Is It to Configure TestMonitor?

You already have a lot on your plate when it comes to software development and testing, so a solution that is simple to

configure and has an intuitive interface is a must-have. 

TestMonitor was designed to easily create, manage, and run test cases; display linkages between risks, requirements, and outcomes; and balance multiple projects of all sizes and scopes. Once test cases are structured, they can be assigned to relevant users, configured with notifications of key events, and easily modified as the situation dictates. 

3. Can TestMonitor Handle All of My Testing Requirements?

TestMonitor was built to help testing managers assign test cases to testers and monitor the progress of each throughout their lifecycle, until project satisfaction.

No matter your software development methodology or type of solution, TestMonitor is flexible, with pre-planned milestones and a test case library.

4. Can TestMonitor Integrate with My Existing Technology Ecosystem?

TestMonitor is about simplifying your processes and increasing your team’s productivity. We also want our platform to be a seamless part of your workflow.

That is why we’ve made it easy to integrate TestMonitor into your existing technology ecosystem and that of your customer. From Slack, Zapier, and Jira to Microsoft Azure and Asana, we make integrations easy with built-in APIs

5. What Kind of Reporting Does TestMonitor Offer?

TestMonitor provides real-time insight into your testing progress and status, configurable to be shown by team, by project, or across your portfolio. 

TestMonitor also offers pre-configured and customizable reports to document performance, categorize outcomes, and publish and send to stakeholders. 

6. How Can TestMonitor Provide More Visibility into My Testing Efforts?

TestMonitor gives your team the ability to monitor all testing activities at a high level and easily drill down into each test case, project by project. You can also filter by requirement, milestone, or stage to review progress and prioritize resources more effectively.

On the tester’s side, TestMonitor uses a simple and intuitive smiley-based system to rate satisfaction with the overall testing process. The store is also paired with space for detailed test results and optional screenshot attachments.

7. What Resources and Support Does TestMonitor Provide?

TestMonitor has an extensive list of knowledge base articles, videos, webinars, and blogs to make sure your team has what it needs to deliver for your clients. If you need extra help, our support team is standing by to assist and walk you through how to use TestMonitor to its full potential.

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Download test management tool checklist

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