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Streamlining ERP: How TestMonitor Is Helping Fencing Supply Group Merge Several Companies Into One

ERP Implementation
United States


  • Tasked with combining several resource packages into a single package, Fencing Supply Group (FSG) needed an effective way to manage and monitor their complex ERP testing.

  • FSG’s end users were not developers, they were accounting, human resource and warehouse workers testing new ERPs to see if they can perform their regular job functions. Throughout the project, they needed a testing platform that was simple and intuitive to use without testing experience.

  • On top of the complexity of the project, FSG had an aggressive timeline for the first of many consolidation projects and needed to start their first testing cycles within weeks.


  • Alex Vladimir, Senior Manager for Software, and his team got up and running with TestMonitor very quickly and they saw an immediate impact as they began merging their first operating company.

  • TestMonitor’s structured environment for ERP testing allowed the FSG team to set up test cases exactly how they wanted. This, in turn, resulted in efficient end user testing for non-technical testers.

  • TestMonitor’s reporting capabilities took a lot of the complexity out of test case management—helping Alex and his team stay on track and work against tight timelines.

  • FSG’s ERP implementation project will likely go on for another two years as they will have 14 additional operating companies to merge – not to mention any new acquisitions in the meantime.
One of the guiding features that we liked about TestMonitor was it integrates with Jira because we do use Jira for our development, but it wouldn’t be simple enough for the end user when it came to testing so the only real alternative we considered was straight old Excel.

Alex Vladimir
Senior Manager for Software


Fencing Supply Group (FSG), a manufacturer of several types of fencing, was established with the goal of creating a single supplier for US domestic fencing products by acquiring and growing several small companies. Merging multiple companies, each with its own enterprise resource package and computer systems, can be quite a monumental undertaking. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, they had a very short runway to get started—with a goal to start their first testing cycles within weeks. Needing an effective way to monitor their testing, FSG came across TestMonitor, gave it a try and never looked back. 


TestMonitor was amazing from the moment we signed. We had a whole set of tests in Excel that they helped us to import. They were very quick to respond to us even though they were in the Netherlands. They answered us very quickly and got us solutions that worked. They seemed very attentive to making sure we were able to do the work that we needed to have done.


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